Back at the airport…

…using ISO200 this time.

This blog keeps transforming into some planespotting blog.

However, today something huge was announced to arrive at 1100 CET at Düsseldorf International Airport. As the observation decks opening hours start at 0900 I wanted to be there at 0730 to get some good place in the row. I suppose, being 50m behind the beginning of the row was a good place – the hall still is filled this very time I write these lines.

After 90 minutes the run (literally!) towards the observation deck begun. Luckily I just skipped the 50m somehow and got there in a rush so I got some really good place.

After 103 minutes of withstanding the wind, some minor rain and the temperature of 8°C (let’s just skip the chill-factor) there it is:

The Airbus A380-800 (F-WXXL) flying over Düsseldorf International Airport

The Airbus A380-800 (F-WXXL) approaching Düsseldorf International Airport

As I’m living quite near the airport I often can see the leaving planes.

This might be the last picture of an A380 I’ve taken for years.