For a good amount of time I was looking for a waterfall to photograph with a exposure time of 1/30s or longer. Finally, in the japanese garden in Hasselt, Belgium I found one which was dark enough to take the picture and bright enough to grant a exposure time which is fast enough to shoot without tripod.

What do you think?

My girlfriend wearing a straw hat

This time we were at the japanese garden in Hasselt, Belgium. If you like japanese gardens and want to visit the largest one in europe you’d better plan your visit not to take place on saturdays or sundays. There were only few pictures without tourists possible.

Anyway, how’d you like her new hat?
Girlfriend with hat

Douglas DC-3

This is my all-time-favourite propeller-driven aircraft. Seen in Leeuwarden, Netherlands during an open day of the dutch air force.

Moody image of the DC-3 in flight
DC3 moody

Same DC-3 on the ground
DC3 close up


Another trip to the Netherlands led to the Oosterscheldekering (Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier), a storm surge barrier of the Deltawerken (Delta works). While visiting the barrier museum I found this seagull. While the seagull was patiently waiting for me finishing my pictures a family with small children were on their way towards us. Luckily the father discerned the situation and held back the children till I was finished taking photos.

This is the result


Bubble-foil suit

For all you guys out there who are administrators, computer techies or in another job which provides you with valuable and breakable goods.

You all know the bubble-foil you find wrapped around your hardware etc. What do you do with that stuff? Throw it away? Better look for a new job… Grab it, squeeze it to make the bubbles explode? Gooood…

Make something new out of it and while using it look damn trustworthy on the phone while your boss or wife is calling? Great, you got the point.

HERE is how it looks like. A co-worker and me invented the BuFo-Suit. This is my co-worker wearing the BuFo the first time…