The final photos for today. This is the band “Pornophonique”. Pornophonique are Kai (lyrics, guitar, C-64) and Felix (Gameboy). As you can imagine, they produce a very nice and unique sound. Just visit their website and get the two free mp3′s. It’s worth the bandwidth :) Moreover, they are doing a great performance live on stage. Well…. ummmm…. Kai does…. Felix just doesn’t move :) Of course – he has to play the whole backing of a song just with four buttons and a four-direction-cross – this must be a great act of concentration. Furthermore, after the gig I was able to convince myself that he CAN move ;-)

For people who have been living beneath a stone or are just too young to know:
This is the here used Gameboy: German/English
This is the here used C-64: German/English

Enough babble, here are the photos:

Kai 1

Kai 2

Kai 3

Kai 4

Kai and the C-64

Kai C64



Girls of Sugoi

Here are some pictures of Shoko of the J-Rock-Band “Sugoi”. This is surely music for a pair of advanced ears. Even though I call my ears very advanced, their music isn’t meeting my taste. Not barely. Well, it doesn’t matter. The one likes it, the next one not, it’s all a matter of taste.

Shoko 1

Shoko 2

Shoko 3

Another picture of a girl of Sugoi whose name is undisclosed to me for now. Love the spot on the wall behind her head.



It’s a compressor used for the avoidance of clipping at recordings or live-sessions


This is my girlfriends cat