Bunker world

On my trip to Thuringia (see here) I also went into a former bunker of the Ministry for State Security of the former GDR, better known as “Stasi”. This bunker has been bought and transformed into a museum by enthusiasts. According to the museum guide, up to 16 of these bunkers existed in the former GDR – only for the Stasi officials.

Sadly, I only managed to get one usable picture out of this bunker. It shows one of the museum employees (wearing an old GDR-Uniform) working in the communications section of the bunker.

Bunker world


Recently I’ve been on a trip to Thuringia. It’s a fascinating thing to see that the decay that started with the establishment of the former GDR has not been stopped until today. First, I wanted to post some photos of houses without windows, without roofs etc. but that’s too common. I decided to put up a photo of a simple municipality sign which must be at least 15 to 25 years old and documents this decay very well.