Olivia Lufkin in concert

I just got word from Avex approving the publication of some concert photos taken at

Connichi 2010

Without further hesitation, here we go:


Jeffrey & Murochin
Jeffrey and Murochin



Visit Olivias site here.

Unlike my site policy all these pictures are copyrighted. It’s strictly forbidden to use them in any form without written consent of Avex Group Holdings K.K. and me.

Pornophonique back at this blog!


You remember Pornophonique? You sure do.

About one month their new album was released, so just grab it for 12€ at their homepage – just click on the picture below to get there. You’ll get a nice, vinyl-stlye-CD (embossed on front, the back is black like an old Playstation-CD… remember?) in a white, windowed tin box. For every song you’ll find an own cover, made by some great artists like Joscha Sauer or Naomi Fearn.

Here’s what it looks like:
Pornophonique shop

If you really think, you can live without these covers, boxes and CDs you just can download the whole album here for free. No popups or catches, just free music.

Hope you’ll have a great time with this.

Trip to Munich – Saxophone player

On my business-trip I also was invented to an nice evening-filling event. Great music, free drinks, free cigars – what do you want more?

A great photo of a great saxophone player maybe…

Saxophone player



The final photos for today. This is the band “Pornophonique”. Pornophonique are Kai (lyrics, guitar, C-64) and Felix (Gameboy). As you can imagine, they produce a very nice and unique sound. Just visit their website and get the two free mp3′s. It’s worth the bandwidth :) Moreover, they are doing a great performance live on stage. Well…. ummmm…. Kai does…. Felix just doesn’t move :) Of course – he has to play the whole backing of a song just with four buttons and a four-direction-cross – this must be a great act of concentration. Furthermore, after the gig I was able to convince myself that he CAN move ;-)

For people who have been living beneath a stone or are just too young to know:
This is the here used Gameboy: German/English
This is the here used C-64: German/English

Enough babble, here are the photos:

Kai 1

Kai 2

Kai 3

Kai 4

Kai and the C-64

Kai C64



Girls of Sugoi

Here are some pictures of Shoko of the J-Rock-Band “Sugoi”. This is surely music for a pair of advanced ears. Even though I call my ears very advanced, their music isn’t meeting my taste. Not barely. Well, it doesn’t matter. The one likes it, the next one not, it’s all a matter of taste.

Shoko 1

Shoko 2

Shoko 3

Another picture of a girl of Sugoi whose name is undisclosed to me for now. Love the spot on the wall behind her head.



It’s a compressor used for the avoidance of clipping at recordings or live-sessions


This is Chino at


Marco of Vermis
This is Marco of