AWACS Spotting

Spotting time!

Only one hour away from my home I reached the NATO AFB in Geilenkirchen. This AFB is well known for its great spotting location at the east end of the runway as well as for the Boeing E-3A which tend to fly just 50 meters above you.

Around 16:00 GMT+1 the E-3As return home from their flights.




Click for 1920×1200

Back at the airport…

…using ISO200 this time.

This blog keeps transforming into some planespotting blog.

However, today something huge was announced to arrive at 1100 CET at Düsseldorf International Airport. As the observation decks opening hours start at 0900 I wanted to be there at 0730 to get some good place in the row. I suppose, being 50m behind the beginning of the row was a good place – the hall still is filled this very time I write these lines.

After 90 minutes the run (literally!) towards the observation deck begun. Luckily I just skipped the 50m somehow and got there in a rush so I got some really good place.

After 103 minutes of withstanding the wind, some minor rain and the temperature of 8°C (let’s just skip the chill-factor) there it is:

The Airbus A380-800 (F-WXXL) flying over Düsseldorf International Airport

The Airbus A380-800 (F-WXXL) approaching Düsseldorf International Airport

As I’m living quite near the airport I often can see the leaving planes.

This might be the last picture of an A380 I’ve taken for years.

It’s been a bad day…

Again I went to the Düsseldorf International Airport to take some photos.

This time I went there with a plan in my pocket. I wanted to take pictures of some special planes. I had the times, I knew, when which type of plane was going to arrive or depart. All these plans and times were quite correct, all the planes I wanted to see and shoot were there. And I took photo’s of all these planes.Happily I went back to my car, back home and straight to the computer.

As I plugged in the card reader something scary showed up infront of my inner eye:

ISO Level

Didn’t I… I wanted to put it back from 1600 to 200… I just thought about it just before I left… did I?


Boeing 747-400F (N415MC) of Emirates.

Off to bed now… Damnit!

Pictures from a spotting stroll

Another day around the Düsseldorf International Airport having fun with 450mm focal length.

Airbus A310-300 (F-OHJI) of Mahan Air.
Click on the image for a larger version.

BAe 146-200 (D-AEWD) of Eurowings.

Airbus A319 (OH-LVE) of Finnair.

First pictures taken with the new lens.

Here are the first pictures I took using my new Sigma-lens:

A grasshopper on a railway platform.

An Airbus A330-300 taking off

The same Airbus

Cockpit close up of the previous photo

Defensiedagen, Beauvechain, Belgium

Visiting the Defensiedagen on September, 2nd I was hoping for a nice airshow and the opportunity for some pictures. Well, it was fun. These two pictures are my favorites:

Douglas DC-3 taxiing to parking position.

Close formation
General Dynamics F-16A in close formation with a Supermarine Spitfire FR-XVIII


A Breguet Atlantic 1150, taking off at Nordholz Navy Base:

Douglas DC-3

This is my all-time-favourite propeller-driven aircraft. Seen in Leeuwarden, Netherlands during an open day of the dutch air force.

Moody image of the DC-3 in flight
DC3 moody

Same DC-3 on the ground
DC3 close up

Trip to Munich – My first flight

My company wanted me to go to Munich to attend a 3 day business seminar. Of course I went there one day earlier to catch some impressions of the city. AND of course I took the chance to get there by plane. I’ve never been on a plane (or helicopter or sth. else) before so THIS was it. The tourist in me made me take this photo. I know, everybody takes this photo on his first flight if possible AND I know, it always looks like mine… but hey: This is mine :-)

View from a plane